COVID-19: A guide to implementing remote work setups quickly

  • Set aside a clear space for work
  • Benedikt Lehnert has been running a remote team at Microsoft for five years and says “I move between my actual home office, the big farm table in our dining room and the comfy leather chair in the living room. These places serve different purposes depending on the type of work I’m doing”
  • Let people in your house know that you’re going to work from home, communicate your schedule and availability so that expectations are clearly set
  • Be explicit about what channels you use for communication & when you’ll be available (slack, email, phone)
  • Default to overcommunication & don’t be afraid to reach out and annoy people on teams/slack
  • Job van der Voort Co-founder and CEO @remote shares his tips on How to have better video calls when working from home
  • Rob Dubbin Co-founder and CEO Scripto suggests “If you happen to have a DSLR with video functionality, consider rigging it up to use as your video conferencing camera” Depth-of-field and a real lens go a long way to improving video quality
  • Experiment with “bursty” communication, switching between solo work & periods where everyone is exchanging info together at the same time (email is bad at this)
  • Try an analytics tool to see if you are treating people differently in your digital communications, like Cultivate
  • Get fresh air
  • Take regular breaks or even a quick walk
  • Set up a virtual coaching session (Find one with Sounding Board)



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Lisa Wehden

Lisa Wehden

Investor @BloombergBeta, Ex-Special Projects @join_ef, former President @OxfordUnion. Free speech, startups, technology, humanity..